To create your own Skin and Team folder, open rFactor 2 and select a car…….

After selecting the car you want, select TUNING as shown in the picture.

You will jump to a new page. On the right side you will see the upgrades you can use on that car and the skin options.
In the Skin options it Will be shown the folder name that Windows is going to use for that car. Something like USERDATA\PLAYER\SETTINGS\……).
Select CREATE DIR to create the folder. The first time you use the mod that folder is not created yet, so you will have to create it. That folder will be created with name it shows in: “Choose skin directory” and in that place you are going to have a skin DDS named “” as a copy of the skin shown on the screen.

Now its time to create YOUR definitions.

Select the VARIANT option and select the “alt” skin. Next select CREATE…… NEW CAR/DRIVER from CURRENT.
NOTE: In some mods, you have to select the default car to have a create button.

A new screen opens…..

In the first line you are going to put your DRIVER NAME. It will create a new windows folder with that same name.
In the second line put your TEAM NAME.
In the 3rd line put the description you will see on the left side when you are selecting a car on the mod. Its a good idea to put Your name with your number. No need to use the Team name as its already defined.
Something like: “Bentley My Name #number”
In the last line you are going to put the CAR NUMBER as you will see it on the races/results.

Now select ACCEPT and BACK to go to previous screen (The car selection screen).

Now you can see a new entry on the car selections with your 3rd line definition.

Time to go to the skin folder to fine tune.

Skin folder for the mod/car will be on the place you saw inside rf2 when you created the folder….. “USERDATA\PLAYER\SETTINGS\……)”

You will see the folder you create before (Folder name) on first line of the create car/team screen…… and a text file (RCD) with some name. Usually a number

Now go inside the “Folder name” and upload you skin DDS file.

This file must have a “Special name”……

First on the name you should use the words “alt” and second you can rename it almost the way you want.
1. No more than 9 caracters…. I think… LOL
2. Dont use the same name in all your skins as the server only has a skin folder (Packages\Skins) and if you use the same name, next time you join a race, the server will not download your skin as you have one with that name already there.
3. I usually use something like 2 letters for my name, 2 letters to identify the mod, a number and “alt” word.

Now, its good practice to rename the Text (RCD) file to the same name as the folder…… It is time to open that file with Notepad or another similar program.

In line 4 you see the folder name as you created inside rf2.
In line 6 you have the Team name….. as you created inside rf2.
In line 7 you have the component name. Its the mod name and also the main folder as you can see
In line 8 you should use the name of your skin file (DDS)
In line 9 you have the VEH file definition used by the mod to define the car
In line 10 you have the description you defined inside rf2
And in line 11 you have the car number use by all the telemetry, results, logs, etc

You file must look like this:

Now go inside rf2 to check if everything is ok. Your car/skin to select.

Now it works.

1. If for some reason this not work on some mods, Copy and Paste your DDS file and rename it as “alt”. Some mods only can see an “alt” file. No need to change the other files. Indycars its an example. you need a “” file on the directory
2. You can put any skins you want inside the folder skin. On the tuning page you can select other skins.
3. The above text file is created in order for rf2 to register the definition that is going to be present in the mod/cars selection list


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