Plugins activation

At first the dedicated server operators must configure the server properly, or nothing we will see here will work properly. rFactor2 made the following recommendation:

“In order to get the most out of Stock Car features, it is recommended that users do the following:
1) Enable the StockCarRules.dll and KnockoutQualifying.dll plugins. In the single-player. This can be done in the UI settings. For dedicated servers, managers will have to open the CustomPluginVariables.JSON file (in the UserData \ player directory) and set “Enabled” to 1 for both plugins.
2) Download and install the mod “National Stock Car Racing 2015”. It contains many definitions of rules for Stock Car races. “

PS. Players entering the server do not need to activate the plugin. They are only enabled on the dedicated server.


EOLL – End of Longest Line – Moved to the end of the queue – The car should immediately go to the end of the queue. Received by:
1.Staying at speed well below SC
2.Staying far behind the rider ahead
3.Overcoming pitlane speed limit during YF
4.Enter the pits when the pitlane is closed

Drive Thru – DT – Cross pitlane without stopping – Received by:
1.Overtaking speed of the boxes in Green Flag

Stop and Go – SG – Enter the pitlane, stop in the pits and exit. Received by:
1.Exceed speed of the boxes in Green Flag.

Punishments of DT and SG must be fulfilled in GREEN FLAG. This means that the punished cars should receive the real flag at the finish line and finish the punishment soon after with a maximum delay of 3 laps. Failure to comply will result in disqualification (Black Flag).

Start Procedures

At the start the cars usually leave the pits. Inside Line cars are to the left of the track, the cars of the Outside Line on the right side. On some tracks where the pit exit is very tight the Inside cars can move on while the Outside cars can follow to the track.

After a lap the SC (Safety Car) goes to the pits. At that point the leaders must maintain the same speed of the SC until the Green Flag.

“Full Course Yellow” (1) – Pit road closed

Yellow Flag Procedures throughout the Circuit (Full Course Yellow)

After an accident, players positions are automatically frozen by the game, that is, correctly follow the instructions of the game about who should reach (Catch Up), follow (Follow), or pass (Allow Pass).
The pits will initially be closed. If a rider enters the closed pit during the YF (Yellow Flag) he will receive the EOLL punishment.

“Full Course Yellow” (2) – Pits Open

After a lap the pits will only open for the car on the same lap as the leader.
On the next turn the pits will open for all cars.

“Full Course Yellow” (3) – Double lines alignment and restart

Then the game will organize the grid in the following order:
Safety Car ➡ Cars on the Leader’s Tour ➡ Cars with less turns ➡ Lucky Dog ➡ Cars with Punishment (EOLL).

At this point it is vital that the pilots be aware of the instructions of the game and follow the movement. For some cars should pass and others should go back.
At this point, the first-place finisher will have to choose which side of the track to drop. It’s quite simple, just stay on the left or right side of the track so the game identifies your choice.

On the last lap (One Lap to Go) all will be lined up in double queues, after the SC enters the pits, the front row will maintain the speed and wait for the Green Flag to accelerate.

Overdrives before the finish line by default will be released from the right. But they can be configured in the rfm of vmod, in the following line:

// If passing is allowed on starts and restarts before the start / finish line; default = 0, possible values

// are 1 = passing on right is legal, 2 = passing on left is legal, and 3 = passing anywhere is legal.
PassingBeforeLineOval = 1

Lucky Dog

The first car that lags behind the leader will receive the benefit of free pass or Lucky Dog during the Yellow Flag. But the respective car should not have been involved in the accident that caused the YF. The pilot is well identified in the an rFactor2 message. He must pass all cars on the left and line up at the end of the line.

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