2016s3 post with current commands:
  • #? should give you a list of all macros// pit macros
    “#help <command> – where command is one of the following:”
    “help ? clear cleartires lf rf lr rr fuel ws fr”
    “prepend – to invert command, ! to toggle command, ie -lf to uncheck left front tire””#clear – uncheck all pit options””#cleartires – uncheck all tires, but leave everything else alone””#lf [[+|-]<pressure>[k|p]] – change left front tire and optionally set pressure in psi or kpa””#rf [[+|-]<pressure>[k|p]] – change right front tire and optionally set pressure in psi or kpa”

    “#lr [[+|-]<pressure>[k|p]] – change left rear tire and optionally set pressure in psi or kpa”

    “#rr [[+|-]<pressure>[k|p]] – change right rear tire and optionally set pressure in psi or kpa”

    “#fuel [[+|-]<amount>[l|g|k]] – add fuel, optionally specifying how much to add in gallons, liters or kilograms”

    “#ws – Clean winshield, using up one tearoff in the process”

    “#fr – Use on fast repair of your vehicle”.

From 2016s2 patch 1 release notes:
  • – A new setting, “[Pit Service] autoResetFastRepair=1” has been added to the “app.ini” file. This setting separates resetting the fast repair Black Box checkbox from the existing setting “[Pit Service] autoResetPitBox=1” in the “app.ini” file.
From 2016s2 release notes:
  • Text chat macro speed is no longer limited when applying a pit or admin command.
    Now users can use “#fuel +1g” to increment fuel in their tank without waiting a second between button presses!
From 2016s1 release notes:
  • Added an !invert command to pit macros so you can toggle any operation instead of just setting it to on or off. For example: “#!lf” would toggle the left front tire change flag.
  • Pit macros now support +/- when adjusting tire pressure so you can add or remove air from a tire. For example: “#lf +3psi” adds 3 pounds of air to the left front tire while “#lf 14psi” sets the pressure to 14 psi.
  • Pit macros now support incrementing and decrementing how much fuel to add to your vehicle. For example: “#fuel +5g” will add 5 more gallons to the tank than what is already being requested to be added.

New macros discussed (before 2016s1 release above)

+/- Tyre pressure Posted by David Tucker, 6 Oct 15
I added in another pit macro feature, I should probably mention it here. You can now add in a +/- character in front of the pressure when changing the tire pressure to increment or decrement the pressure instead of setting it directly. So #lf +3psi adds 3 psi to the tires, without you needing to know what they were set to. You can still specify a target pressure in the usual way by not prepending the +/- character so #lf 13psi sets the left front tire to 13 psi.

Toggle fuel  – David T post 7 Oct 15. “Ok, it works with fuel now as well. So you can make a #fuel +5g macro that lets you quickly toggle up how much fuel you want with multiple presses of a single key. You can also take out fuel, but only from the amount your adding. I don’t know if that is worth anything but it was easy to do”.

Toggle fast repair – use 1 key to turn FR on/off. David T Post 11 Sept 15.

Macro updates 2015s4 from release notes.
– FAST REPAIRS: #fr (-fr to uncheck)

– Added ‘invert’ flag to pit chat macros so prepending – to front of command will unset it,
i.e. -lf will uncheck the left front tire, also -clear will check all options.
Post by David Tucker:
The sim now supports 15 macros, no more, no less  You can use those for chat (I pity the fool) or pit macros, however you want. You can string all combinations of the above commands onto one macro, if you want. Or you can separate the fuel and tire commands as you see fit. I may be tempted to increase that to 20 at some point, but for now I think 15 is enough.

You can also type in the commands by hand, so any external program that can inject text chat command can be used to add even more pit macros. Also I added in some new iRacing API calls to help 3rd party developers reliably inject text chat and pit macro (and admin) commands into the sim. So expect some handy utilities to show up here soon.

Pit Macros from release notes 31 July 2013

– Add new pit service text chat macros. Parameters include:
#help – print help message
#clear – unselect all request for service
#ws – use up one tear off to clean the windshield
#fuel – Add fuel. Optionally specify an ammount to add, defaulting to your displayed units if not specified. (#fuel 5, 5g[allon], 5l[iter], 5k[ilo], etc)
#lf – replace left front tire. Optionally specify the pressure, defaulting to your displayed units if not specified. (#lf 30, 30p[si], 30k[pa])
#rf, rr, lr – same as lf but for the other three tires.
– Add in 5 new text chat macros, and populate them with reasonable defaults for pit service. The new macros default to keys shift-1 to shift-5.
– Renamed chat macro 0 to 10, this will break any custom macro already defined for that slot.
– Added an option to turn off the automatic request for full pit service every time you exit pit road. The default is to leave this behavior active, just like it was previously.
The setting can be found in app.ini
[Pit Service] autoResetPitBox=1, setting it to 0 turns off the auto check behavior.

#cleartires added later

You can edit the macros in the sim Options, they can also be edited in app.ini.
If assigning to keys, adding a $ a the end of the line includes the “enter”.
The macros / commands can also be typed manually in the chat box.
Using the macros will speed up your Pit Stops.
The default macros are listed on Keyboard.
The commands
#help ? (lists the available commands)
#help command (explains the command)
#clear (unchecks all pit options)
#cleartires (unchecks tyres only)
#fuel <amount><l/g/k> (eg #fuel 5g)
#ws (clean windshield)
#lf <pressure><kpa/psi> (eg #lf 145k would change front left tyre & set 145kpa)
#rf <pressure><kpa/psi>
#lr <pressure><kpa/psi>
#rr <pressure><kpa/psi>
#fr (fast repair, -fr to uncheck)
– invert (noted at top, eg -clear to check all)
Multiple command examples by DT:
– give me everything and fill it to the top
#lf rf lr rr ws fuel 500g$- just the right tires
#rf rr$- 4 tires please
#lf rf lr rr$- just a splash (2 gallons)
#fuel 2g$- fill it up (10 gallons)
#fuel 10g$

– if you only wanted to repair damage,

NOTE: order is important.
You can’t #fuel clear, you would #clear then fuel

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