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Atlantic Motorsport – A Worldwide Racing team, it was founded in 2008 to compete in the famous race2play races. Since then Atlantic has participated in inumerous Endurance Races. Now Atlantic is an international multipurpose simracing team, competing in several softwares as well as in different sites. Under the name of eSimSports, Atlantic Motorsport is also one of the best racing events’s organizer in the World

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** Branding of the Race Car **
A special design will be applied to the sponsored cars. Depending on the selected sponsorship this tailor made design can be applied to the whole car or to specific parts, subject to be defined.


** Media Report and Coverage**
Visual media reports (photos or videos) and a written event report will be sent to the sponsors as a record of accomplishment during any event. An extensive media coverage will also be carried out through social media, print medias, and internet medias such as news sites or automotive-related media groups as part of the event media coverage program.

Talk to us at info@atlanticmotorsport.com

What is Sim Racing? Sim Racing is an abbreviation of “Simulated Auto Racing”, the computer software which is extremely accurate re-creation of the real world of automotive racing. Racing simulation software is not “racing game”. Sim racing has become a “mandatory” for professional racers and automotive racing fans. Some of the names of the leading racing simulation software in the world today are: rFactor 2, iRacing, Stock Car Extreme, Assetto Corsa, Live For Speed. Racing simulation software is very appropriate to be used to train a racer’s skill, physical and mental. Today, we can say all F1 racing teams use this kind of software for training the drivers, they use rFactor Pro

Join us today and share the same experience with the happiest SimRacers worldwide

Road to The Real by Atlantic Motorsport it´s a Portuguese event that took place in Portugal


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